Lift Laser and Light Facial

Fast, Affordable, Effective

At Lift, we believe that healthy skin starts with clean skin, and by that we mean, skin that is professionally cleaned using advanced medical aesthetic technologies.

The Lift Laser and Light Facial combines laser and light technology, takes just 15 minutes, is affordable and extremely effective. It provides a deep cleansing that polishes away superficial dead skin cells and debris, targets pigment, and stimulates new collagen in the deeper layers to reveal smoother, younger looking skin underneath.

Real Results … You WILL immediately see:

Deep cleansing or “polishing” of the upper layers of skin, removing dirt and debris, encouraging cell turnover.
Reduces the appearance of pores
Stimulates new collagen production
Improves dull complexion
Your skin appears brighter, and feels softer and smoother

Over time … regular Lift Laser and Light Facial wilL:

Reduce mottled, uneven pigmentation.
Stimulate new collagen production. Skin texture is smoother, and fine lines are reduced.
Improve mild to moderate inflammatory acne by destroying bacteria, unplugging sebaceous glands and decreasing pore size.
Your skin is less reactive and hypersensitive to daily aggressors that trigger acne, enlarged pores, and pigmentation, allowing it to respond optimally to professional and home care treatment.
Your skin feels tighter, looks smoother, more even toned, and is radiant. It glows!

No Downtime: “The Coffee Break Facial”

The Lift Laser and Light Facial features the benefits of two technologies that sets it apart from other treatments in the market. Our treatment combines the effects of a non-ablative laser, with light energy therapy. You’ll find there is minimal discomfort with the Lift Laser and Light Facial. There may be some slight redness but there are no restrictions following the treatment, you are able to apply makeup and resume normal activities.

Revolutionize the way you clean and care for your skin

Lift Laser and Light Facial are not a quick fix. The analogy being, you can’t go to the gym once and expect to be fit.

Unlike traditional therapies, which are typically intensive repair sessions, we created a protocol that is safe and can be performed on a weekly basis.

Our philosophy is to maintain skin health with regular treatments, in order to achieve the long-term benefits of repairing the damage from sun exposure and environmental pollution.

Lift Laser and Light Facial can also be performed to maintain clean and healthy skin if you have undergone ablative skin resurfacing or radiofrequency procedure for tightening, such as Thermage, or to enhance the effects of Botox and fillers.

You may not be suitable for the Lift Laser and Light Facial if you have any of the following medical conditions:

  • Fitzpatrick Skin Type VI – Skin type is often categorized according to the Fitzpatrick skin type from I (very fair) to VI (very dark). Fitzpatrick skin type VI never burns (deeply pigmented dark brown to black skin)
  • History of seizures or epilepsy
  • History of skin cancer or precancerous lesions
  • History of gold treatment
  • You are under 21 years old
  • You are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • History of photosensitive skin rash
  • You are being treated with photosensitive medications
  • You have an active infection or are on immunosuppressive therapy
  • Are currently taking or have taken Accutane within 6 months

We do not remove birthmarks or certain types of acquired pigmentation. Examples include: congenital melanocytic nevus (moles), cafe au lait macules, becker’s nevus, nevus of ota, and hori’s nevus.

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