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Our Cosmeceuticals

A Balanced Approach: Prevention and Maintenance

Achieving balanced, vibrant skin also includes a preventative skin care program that integrates daily skin care essentials, in conjunction with regular Lift Laser and Light Facials.

Canadians are increasingly cognisant of quality when it comes to their beauty routines, spending in total $1.4 billion on prestige beauty products over the past year.  We are inundated with skincare products at retail stores, pharmacies, spas or online, making it confusing to understand what to buy and where to buy the appropriate products from.

We offer a range of paraben free, clinically proven skin care products that optimize your skin with beneficial active ingredients such as vitamin C, antioxidants, retinol, peptides, growth factors, and plant stem cell extracts.

At Lift, we will guide you in selecting an appropriate skincare regime based on your skin type, skin condition concerns, lifestyle and price-point.  A customized regime will offer superior improvement in photoaging, than what can be obtained through retail products.