The most effective and affordable express facial in town. New clients - try our trial of three Lift Laser and Light Facials for $250.

About LIFT

Even before I became a physician I was interested in the ‘skin’, and the impact its qualities has on one’s life.  This interest bore out from my own personal struggles with various skin conditions.  

My quest to find real solutions and seek an effective complementary and/or alternative clinical approach to managing skin health (with a real self-interest in the process) brought me in contact with fellow professionals who readily shared their expertise.   This is not to say I have found a treatment to replace all other treatments, but rather, one of that would rise up and resonate as a results-driven treatment for achieving healthy skin.

My search brought me full circle back to the basics of skin care.  That healthy skin begins with clean skin, and by that, I mean skin that is professionally cleaned by using advanced medical aesthetic technologies.

I’d like to welcome you to experience our signature treatment, the 15 minute Lift Laser and Light Facial.

I look forward to sharing my passion and excitement with you. We strive to bring you the best in technology and sound medical practice that will deliver positive results in your quest for healthy, smooth, and radiant skin.

Everyone deserves beautiful healthy skin.
At Lift, we have one goal, we believe that bright glowing skin should be easily accessible and affordable to all.
We do not have a wide-ranging menu of services.
Instead we offer the most effective and affordable laser flash facial in town.
— Dr. Michelle Tan Founder of LIFT Revolution